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Big changes come to Star Trek Wars starting this week! Kirk and crew outwit a computer, believe it or not. On tng, Riker is assigned 1st officer to a Klingon vessel and within a half hour becomes its captain. should have stayed with them, its gonna take him another 15 yrs before he accepts gives him the Titan. On DS9, Odo and Kira remind the viewers that although this has been the darkest of all Treks up to this point, it can always get darker.  The Voy crew succumb to hallucinations, maybe I did as well because this felt like a decent episode. I hope Im not really just in a catatonic state in front of my tv watching a terrible Neelix episode. And finally on Ent, Reed continues on sullying our family name by cementing himself as worst security chief ever.

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We review the following & rank them from worst to first:

The Original Series- I, Mudd

The Next Generation- A Matter of Honor

Deep Space Nine- Necessary Evil

Voyager- Persistance of Vision

Enterprise- The Communicator


Fun Facts and Audio clips for each episode!

Plus Pros & Khans, the Technobabble quote of the week, and the unnecessary bleep of the week.

We rate all 5 on a scale from 1-10, and pick the winner at then end of the Cast.


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